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Welcome to the website for the print magazine, beyond, published by the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University.Beyond features stories from around the world that exemplify leadership in design, innovation and sustainability through a personal, inspiring and engaging lens. Rooted in Case Western Reserve’s motto, “think beyond the possible,” and inspired by the ongoing research of Weatherhead’s faculty that continues to drive the way managers and executives do business, beyond delivers fresh insights on the newest developments in design thinking and purpose-driven management.

In the first issue of the print magazine, you’ll find stories of business leaders around the world who are pushing the boundaries of innovation. You’ll find a multi-faceted analysis of work-life balance. You’ll find out what’s happening on the cutting-edge of innovation. You’ll find the full spectrum of business engagement, from sustainable cities to the mom-and-pop businesses on the main streets of those cities.

Here on the website, you'll find supplemental articles, blog posts, and stories, opportunities to respond and interact. After all, business is about making connections, so let's connect.

Whether in print or online, you’ll find the heartbeat and voice of Weatherhead: innovative thinking in business that encourages doing well by doing good in the world. Go “beyond” the possible – design, innovate, and thrive.


Robert E. Widing II, PhD, Dean,
Albert J. Weatherhead III Professor of Management

Sarah M. Wells, MFA
Senior Managing Editor

Weatherhead School of Management
Case Western Reserve University

About beyond:

Beyond publishes stories of businesses and business leaders that exemplify the use of design for innovative approaches to management as well as exemplars of business as an agent of world benefit, thus advancing the principles of business management pioneered, taught and practiced by the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western ReserveUniversity in Cleveland, Ohio.