Drivers stare down into crotches to text. Drivers yak on phones. Drivers talk to passengers. Drivers get directions from other drivers. Drivers yell. Drivers honk. Drivers pick noses. Drivers palm steering wheels. Drivers eat cereal in ceramic bowls with plastic spoons while making left turns. Drivers turn on red. Drivers wave. Drivers make the light.

Crossers zombie-walk forward to text. Crossers gesture with hands-free phones. Crossers hold hands. Crossers high-five. Crossers bob with earbuds budding out of ears. Crossers keep pressing crossing button. Crossers smack gum. Crossers shuffle across zebra stripes. Crossers tap tambourines against thighs. Crossers cross on blinking walk sign. Crossers say, “Thank you.” Crossers never get hit.


Image CC BY-SA 2.0 "Pedestrians II" by Sajan Bhattacharjee