Having worked in an intense and competitive environment with IT companies and with a diverse set of people for over 13 years, I often struggled with the conflicts, doubts and negativity at work.

Ravinder's colleague, Vidya
I discussed this with my colleague, Vidya. She spotted intuitively that my intentions were correct and my thought leadership at work was unique, but I needed to focus on the right things. Her style to coach was conversational and subtle. What inspired me was her genuine approach to deal with people. Her core message was don’t be competitive in everything. Listen to people to understand them, not to convince them. Here are some words from Vidya that influenced me and brought the best out of me in conflicts.

“Why do you have to be suspicious about people? Give them the benefit of the doubt. Looks like you drive the change in organization with great courage, so why not take some of it and take some risks with people?”

“It doesn’t matter if someone doesn’t notice your extra efforts and give you instant gratification, you are doing it because you love it and are passionate about it. Isn’t there a learning opportunity we should seek in most things?”

“Hey, you are upset because someone in your team gives you a cold shoulder? As simple as it sounds, why don’t you simply walk down and talk to the person?”

Since then, I have never looked back.