Today, I oversleep and miss the sunrise.

Today, the price of gasoline sits at $2.35 per gallon at the SA station down the street, and the woman in front of me pays the cashier with $7.98 in loose change.

Today, the farebox on the bus is veiled because yesterday the driver didn’t show up.

Today, announces public radio, the President has ordered all government building flags to be flown at half-staff in tribute to victims of the mass shooting at a community college in Oregon.

Today the battery in my cellphone dies, and I realize I have no idea where all the dead batteries in the world really go.

Today I over-water the office peace lily.

Today, I estimate, I will sit in front of the computer screen approximately 6.5 hours at my job.

Today the sunlight is too bright to keep the window shades open in my cubicle.

Today, when no one is looking, I use milk from the office refrigerator that someone has marked with their initials and the words: DO NOT USE.

Today, I estimate, I have done approximately three hours of actual work at my job.

Today I feel slightly paranoid and refuse to travel rush-hour freeways on the way home.

Today, the neighbor kids are playing a game with plastic guns and sticks up against the wooden freeway barrier.

Today I say to them, I don’t know if you’re really shooting anything, but can you hold off until I get by here, please?

Today, they all stop and stare at me, guns and sticks held at their sides, and I pass.

Image CC BY-SA 2.0 "Peace Lily" by Halley Toft